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Meg & Zen Testimonials and Reviews

Feedback is what propelled Meg & Zen into becoming an established brand. Meg's journey began creating tinctures and balms for loved ones close to her, but that circle grew quickly as word spread that those products were actually making the intended difference! Her passion for holistic healing and her cannabis caregiver role lead her to where she is today - offering affordable, natural medicine to those who need it. 


Product: Zen Balm
Usage: Everyday 

"I use Meg & Zen balm heavily due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis. My hands, knees, and ankles love this rub. The scents are great, it absorbs so easily into the skin, and leaves the skin soft - not greasy. This balm is a great option for those needing localized relief for discomfort without psychoactive effects.


- Anita

Product:  Zen Ice Balm
Usage: Everyday for over a year

This balm is amazing for my arthritis and fibromyalgia pain. Especially during the cold, rainy months. It goes on nice. Doesn't leave a sticky residue. And the scent dissipates, quickly. I highly recommend this product.

- Heidi

Products: Pain Herbal Solution, Inflammation Herbal Solution, Zen Ice Balm
Usage: Everyday for over a year

Dear Meghann,

I am so happy I found your Meg & Zen CBD Oil tinctures. I have been using
the Pain and Inflammation tincture for over a year. I no longer have pain in
any of my joints. If I overwork gardening, I apply the Zen Ice for quick relief. 

I mix the two tinctures and started using ten drops morning and evening. I now
used seven drops twice a day for maintenance. Because the tinctures are
distasteful, I mix them with a spoonful of cool whip. 

I also give my two 50lb older dogs five drops twice a day. They have gone from
moving slowly to running and playing.

An additional benefit of using your products is the cost. I was paying three times
as much at the pharmacy.

Sincerly, Carol Valadez


Meg & Zen Testimonial

- Carol

Products: Zen Balm
Usage: Everyday for over a year

Megan, I’m a 45 year old female power lifter who’s been suffering from a painful tendon injury. My trainer taught me how to use a Gua Sha scraper daily but I just wasn’t getting any relief. I started using 100mg RSO Zen Balm with the Gua Sha technique and the pain went away immediately. Thank you for making this product which I’ll be using daily now. Excited to get back in the weight room with full capacity and very happy to have stumbled across Zen Balm!


- Robin

Products: Zen Ice Balm
Usage: Everyday for over a year

I use the zen ice balm daily for my arthritic hands and also for my torn bicep. It goes on so nice and immediately gives me relief with the cooling effect and after a few minutes I have no pain and full movement. I also love the regular zen balm because of the pleasant smell and immediate effect and no greasiness afterwards. I’m also,a huge fan of the Cocoa bars! They help me sleep, taste wonderful and help to ease my anxiety and restlessness. This line is absolutely amazing and you CANNOT beat the prices!!

What improvements, if any, would you like to see?:  None. Perfection

- Sunshine

Products: Zen Spice Balm
Usage: Just started

So grateful to find a completely organic and plant-based product here in Michigan! And the dispensary, Blooming buds in Harrisville has your tincture for only a dollar more! That is awesome, very grateful to have access locally to your products. From going up in the early 60s and seeing people suffer the side effects of medication’s, Parkinson’s my grandmother, leukemia treatment from my mother, which murdered her! FACT Thank you, eternally grateful for products and people like you.

- Rebecca Gallagher

Products: Anxiety Herbal Solution
Usage: Just started - Once-twice a week

Great so far just the first week!

- Jill

Meg & Zen Testimonials and Reviews
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